Secrets d’Alcôve

For this 2013 collection, Chantal Thomass, the designer of luxury lingerie who excels in the art of sensuality, has repeated her collaboration with Tréca, the high standard bedding brand, so as to create rooms full of seduction and lace, with shapes and colours that are calling for femininity and elegance.



” Romance ”

A previously unseen union between two know-hows: lace and quilting together to translate sensuality and femininity.

” Rêverie ”

This impressing set creates illusion with its trompe-l’oeil drawing woven in Jacquard

” Insolence ”

Optical illusion or just talent, Chantal Thomass has created a bed head that sends us back to the Belle Epoque.

” Frivolité ”

A Chantal Thomass’s brand code, this lace printed on a background available in three different colours, is a link between the worlds of lingerie and sleep.

” Poème ”

Chantal Thomass uses the most beautiful lines of French poetry to rock you in her universe.



Discover all the collection in Tréca’s points of sale from October 2013 or on Treca