And a famous silhouette was born …

After having left quite an impression with her first collections and shows in the 1970s, Chantal Thomass was poised to be one of the most recognizable designers of the time, thanks in no small part to a famous image of her: her silhouette, her bobbed hair, against a black background.


The idea for this image came from a genius of a publicist: “I met Benoît Devarrieux in 1981. At that time, lacking the means, I didn’t publicize my designs.

Benoît had the idea to put me in a chair with “Chinese shadowing”.

It was his wife, Martine, who took my photo. Then, we began increasing our small efforts to get media attention: advertisements, cardboard cut-out invitations, etc. Eventually, I became my own logo.”


Recognized as one of the greats of advertising, Benoît Devarrieux has created a number of publicity ads that have made their mark on the world with their creativity and effectiveness.

He still works with the “H Agency”.