SENSATIONNELLE 2017 Pre-fall line

Waistcoat - Noir Waistcoat - Rose DorC


Lift the curtain on this line with a mix of masculine and feminine inspirations, featuring a striped collar and jewellery chains. A mix of ultra-sheer lace and opaque satin blurs the line between dressed and undressed. Button up your waistcoat and get ready to be sensational!

A truly exceptional piece, this bare-back waistcoat reveals the bust through lightweight lace.
Its cuff links and little chain on the front are sure to look sensational!

Materials: Rigid Leavers lace, striped one-way stretch jacquard satin and matte two-way stretch warp and weft fabric.

Strapless underwire bra
Waistcoat hiding the tip of the breast.
Collar buttoned at the nape of the neck.
Hidden adjustable back closure.

BLACK – 011

B 70-75-80
C 70-75-80


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