Spring/Summer 2016 Lingerie Collections

Steeped in luxury and exoticism, our South American pin-ups adorn themselves in exquisite lace, delicate frills, and dazzling flounces to draw the eyes of the proud matadors.


Chantal Thomass revisits the legendary bandana, blending it with breathtaking polka-dot lace! Tie it on to become a genuine pin-up!


Delicious pieces in lace recall the Spanish mantilla… flowers and frills suggest mischief with hints of transparence…


Bewitch all your suitors with the wild rhythms of the mambo! Adorned in alluring ruffles, you will be delectable!


Let yourself be embraced by seductive florals and unforgettable arabesques...Modern or retro, revealed or concealed, it's your call!

Nœuds et Merveilles

The indispensable and saucy Chantal Thomass line, complete with her trademark bow.


With its hypnotic lacing and captivating lace, Vertige will turn lots of heads this season!


With its glittering sequins, you will be beyond desirable in Désir. Vivid and modern, it hugs your curves and creates a dazzling look.


For a decidedly modern and feminine style, choose Délicatesse. Chic and simple, its layers of tulle make you an undeniable knockout.


This modern line plays with origami-inspired layers. Nice and light, the tulle in Encens'Moi covers but reveals, always subtle in its suggestions.


A touch of light frills and sexy fishnet and you've got the recipe for the perfect Party Girl. Let the party begin!


Give in to the subtle, flirty frills of Capricieuse! With fine tulle and a light feel, you'll give off an air of both indiscretion and innocence.


The delicate touch of the season. Like a mysterious Harlequin, delightful Valenciennes lace and bewitching diamond patterns.

The universe of Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass